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Company Information


SaskEnergy is a Crown corporation governed by the SaskEnergy Act. By legislation, Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC) is the holding corporation for SaskEnergy, and has authority to establish direction for SaskEnergy.

SaskEnergy owns and operates a natural gas distribution utility which has the exclusive legislated franchise to distribute natural gas within Saskatchewan.

Our Subsidiaries

SaskEnergy's corporate structure consists of SaskEnergy plus four wholly owned subsidiaries: TransGas Limited, Bayhurst Gas Limited, Many Islands Pipe Lines (Canada) Limited and Saskatchewan First Call Corporation. In addition, SaskEnergy conducts operations through its indirectly held subsidiary corporation BG Storage Inc.

Legal and Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do rural customers enjoy the benefits of natural gas?
  • How do industrial customers enjoy the benefits of natural gas?
  • How do commercial customers enjoy the benefits of natural gas?
  • How do I benefit from natural gas use?
  • Who are the people responsible for delivering my natural gas service?

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