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Natural Gas Infrared Tube Heaters

Natural Gas infrared tube heaters are a natural solution for livestock areas, storage rooms, greenhouses and more.

Work and livestock spaces stay warmer and more comfortable for less with the efficiency of natural gas infrared tube heaters. In the same way the sun warms the earth, infrared tube heaters are designed to warm your work and livestock spaces. Quiet and energy efficient, this type of heating is ideal for barns, tool sheds, shops and garages and any other locations where heat is needed in a specific area. Not only are they cost-efficient - but they're also energy-efficient, running at 80%, and over, in combustion efficiency tests.

What is Infrared Tube Heat?

Infrared tube heating equipment is designed to provide quiet, energy-efficient, comfort-level temperatures through application of infrared tube heat transfer. Infrared tube heat transfer means that heated infrared rays are radiated until they are absorbed by objects, such as floors, equipment, or people. Infrared tube heat rays do not warm the air. The air immediately surrounding the "heated" objects is warmed because of the increase in temperature of those objects. This makes infrared tube heating ideal for spot heating applications such as garages, parking ramps, and any other indoor location where heat is needed in only a specific area.

Experience the Benefits

  • Heat where it's needed: Since the infrared rays are absorbed by the floor, infrared tube heating provides warmer floor-level temperatures.

  • Quiet: infrared tube heating equipment does not require fans or blowers.

  • Energy-efficient: Combustion efficiency stands around eighty (80) percent. Hot surface ignition or direct spark ignition systems have replaced the standing pilot light.

  • Clean: Without drafts or blowing air, these units will not spread dirt or dust and will not interfere with daily building operations.

  • Reliable: Even though burners seldom fail, if one or more do, the rest will continue to heat the building. Therefore building owners need not worry about lost time due to a complete breakdown of the system.

Visit a SaskEnergy Network Member for a selection of natural gas infrared tube heaters and convenient financing (OAC).



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