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Landlord Services

SaskEnergy offers services to landlords to ensure continuous natural gas service to your rental properties.

If each of your units has a separate natural gas meter, you have the option to always be in billing at your rental properties or to have tenants responsible for the natural gas bill. For a fee, SaskEnergy can come out to your rental property to verify that each unit has its own natural gas meter.

If tenants are responsible for the bills, then it is a condition of service that all rental properties have a Landlord Service Transfer Agreement (LSTA) in place, or service may be refused to the tenant applying for service.

The LSTA provides SaskEnergy with advanced direction on what to do with the natural gas service in the event that a tenant vacates a property and a new application for service is not received. SaskEnergy notifies Landlords up to 2 days in advance by fax or email when reverting the landlord back into billing.

Whether you would like the convenience of a LSTA for the first time, or you need to amend your existing LSTA, please complete the form below, sign, and email, mail or fax to:

PO Box 400
Swift Current, Sask
S9H 3V8

Fax: (306) 773-0147
Email: landlordagreements@saskenergy.com

If you have any questions about this service, please contact us toll-free at 1-800-567-8899.

Landlord Service Transfer Agreement




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