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May 4, 2004 - Naicam's Youth Recognized for Environmental Stewardship

May 4, 2004

Naicam's Youth Recognized for Environmental Stewardship

Students at Naicam School will be enjoying their lunches outside in their new butterfly and bird garden.

Their newly constructed courtyard is being transformed into an attraction area for birds and butterflies. SaskEnergy is proud to support the young volunteers' efforts. A $500 grant is being awarded to students as part of the SaskEnergy Youth Enviro-Action Awards in partnership with Volunteer Canada.

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The awards are in recognition of Global Youth Service Day, April 16, 2004. SaskEnergy is the first corporate partner to promote this initiative in Saskatchewan.

"SaskEnergy is dedicated to addressing the needs of communities through service and sees this partnership with Volunteer Canada as a step toward ensuring volunteerism remains a strong part of Saskatchewan communities, "said Leslie Gosselin, SaskEnergy Manager of Community Relations & Advertising. "This partnership is important because nearly half of the people in Saskatchewan get involved in community initiatives every year, the highest level of participation of any province."

The students are encouraged to eat their lunch outdoors, and to make it more enjoyable, flowers and shrubs have been planted in the new courtyard and in front of the school to attract butterflies and birds. Students were also treated to a visit from Earthcare Connections. The Earth Balloon is 17 feet high and shows an accurate representation of land and water on the outside, and inside, it gives students a look at the world's ecosystems.

"Through the ongoing work of the Canadian Volunteerism Initiative, Volunteer Canada has established, and continues to support, local networks of volunteer-involving organizations from coast to coast," said Tracey Mann, President, Volunteer Canada. "We celebrate and recognize Canada's 6.5 million volunteers through National Volunteer Week, Global Youth Service Day, December 5 - I WILL Volunteer and the Canadian Forum on Volunteerism."

For more information, please contact:

Leanne Persicke
Communications Consultant