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August 9, 2004 - TransGas Begins High Pressure Natural Gas Line Test East of Regina

August 9, 2004

TransGas Begins High Pressure Natural Gas Line Test East of Regina

TransGas, the natural gas transmission subsidiary of SaskEnergy, today began preparing to perform a hydrostatic pressure test of the pipeline which provides natural gas service to the communities of Pilot Butte, Emerald Park, White City and Balgonie.

Crews excavated a site south of Pilot Butte to install a block valve that will divide the 17-kilometre pipeline extending from near Highway 33 to Balgonie into two sections. At the block valve site, approximately 400 cubic metres of water will then be pumped into each section of eight-inch diameter steel pipeline and maintained at 140% of normal operating pressure for a period of time.

Hydrostatic pressure tests are used as a safety precaution, and are conducted on each TransGas pipeline before it is put into service, or if its classification changes after the original installation. This particular test, designed to confirm the integrity and strength of the pipeline, will upgrade the existing line from Class 1 to Class 3. This will allow TransGas to continue meeting the natural gas requirements of customers in the expanding residential area east of Regina.

The testing, which takes place over the next week, will not disrupt natural gas service or pose a danger for area residents.

"Throughout the province each year, TransGas continually monitors, assesses and upgrades our natural gas transmission facilities," said John Adams, TransGas Manager of Pipeline and Storage Engineering. "This week's scheduled maintenance clearly focuses on our top priorities - public safety and uninterrupted natural gas service to our customers."

The $240,000 test is part of TransGas' ongoing program to ensure the integrity of the approximately 14,000 kilometres of pipeline it owns and operates within Saskatchewan. In 2003, TransGas invested $9.1 million to maintain the integrity, safety and reliability of its pipeline and other facilities across the province. That year, TransGas had no detectable natural gas leaks caused by corrosion or other deterioration of the pipeline system.

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