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October 27, 2004 - SaskEnergy to create a lasting legacy for Saskatchewan children

October 27, 2004

SaskEnergy to create a lasting legacy for Saskatchewan children

SaskEnergy will contribute to the health and well-being of Saskatchewan children through a $500,000 contribution to the Royal Care Campaign for University Hospital (RUH) Foundation. Over the next five years the funds will be targeted specifically for pediatric health research support.

This unique investment will be called the SaskEnergy Centennial Research Fund for Children's Health, and will mark the province's Centennial anniversary. SaskEnergy is the only Crown corporation to date to support the RUH Foundation's Campaign. The sponsorship is one of the largest SaskEnergy has provided in its 16-year history.

"SaskEnergy is defined by many things as a company, not the least of which is their support for Saskatchewan communities and Saskatchewan families," said Deb Higgins, Minister Responsible for Labour. "As a Crown corporation, SaskEnergy has an obligation and a desire to give back to others, so what better way to do this than to create a lasting legacy for children and families right across the province. The results of this donation will resound for years to come, and I for one am very proud of this major investment in our province's future."

The Royal Care Campaign will invest $15 million in research, training and patient-care to attract and retain leading medical professionals to the province. The SaskEnergy investment brings the total amount raised to $5 million. Additional funds will be raised through individual and corporate donations.

"SaskEnergy is an ideal partner in the Royal Care Campaign because they are actively committed to ensuring that a tradition of care continues for the future health of Saskatchewan families," said Ron Waldman, Chair of the RUH Foundation Board of Directors.

The Royal Care Campaign targets $15 million to support three pillars of an academic hospital - patient care, training, and research - with each pillar supporting the others. The research pillar, which SaskEnergy will contribute to, is targeted to receive $7.25 million in funding support. SaskEnergy's $500,000 investment could fund initiatives such as mentoring grants for new research labs, and the recruitment and training of research fellows, coordinators, and assistants. Some pediatric clinical health research areas, such as pediatric cardiology, intestinal disorders, respiratory tract conditions and rheumatic conditions, could also receive funding through SaskEnergy's contribution.

The RUH Foundation is a 20 year-old registered charity that raises money to invest in Royal University Hospital. The Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of children and adults living throughout Saskatchewan.

For more information, please contact:

Adrienne Nolan
Executive Director
RUH Foundation
Phone: (306) 665-1050
email: adrienne.nolan@saskatoonhealthregion.ca
Candace Weimer
Communications Coordinator
SaskEnergy Corporate Affairs
Work: (306) 777-9048
email: cweimer@saskenergy.com