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September 8, 2005 - New technologies used to test integrity of Bronson Lake - Paynton natural gas transmission pipeline

September 8, 2005

New technologies used to test integrity of Bronson Lake - Paynton natural gas transmission pipeline

TransGas is investing $9 million this year to test the safety and integrity of its natural gas transmission pipelines across Saskatchewan. This includes using new technologies to test the Bronson Lake - Paynton pipeline in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner than ever before.

The approximately month-long integrity testing process will take place in several stages, and will benefit communities in that immediate area. Beginning last week, crews modified the pipeline at two points to allow for the use of a series of in-line inspection tools known as "pigs." Although in the past TransGas had to vent natural gas into the atmosphere at this stage to reduce pipeline pressure, the use of a drawdown compressor will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save about $150,000 on the Bronson Lake - Paynton testing project alone.

Flow of gas in this pipeline was temporarily stopped on August 24 and 26 , but the testing will not disrupt natural gas service or pose a danger for area residents.

The next stage of testing, which begins the week of August 30, involves inserting different pigs into the pipeline to clean it from the inside. The pigs will be placed into the pipeline and will travel in the stream of natural gas for 100 kilometres before they are received at the Paynton Compressor Station site.

During the week of September 7, TransGas will insert a computerized in-line inspection tool into the pipeline. While traveling through the line, this inspection tool will measure wall thickness and detect potential problems such as corrosion, obstructions, or dents in the line. Once this data is collected, TransGas will analyze it to determine if any action is required to maintain the pipeline's safety and reliability.

"This testing is part of TransGas' ongoing program to ensure the integrity of the approximately 14,000 kilometres of pipeline it owns and operates within Saskatchewan," says Daryl Posehn, Senior Vice President of TransGas. "Scheduled maintenance on the Bronson Lake - Paynton pipeline focuses on our top priorities - public safety and reliable natural gas service to our customers."

Last year TransGas invested approximately $9 million in the safety, integrity and reliability of its pipeline and other facilities across the province. Only four natural gas pipeline leaks were detected, and were repaired accordingly.


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