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December 16, 2005 - TransGas Begins Phased-In Restart of Regina Compressor Station

December 16, 2005

TransGas Begins Phased-In Restart of Regina Compressor Station

TransGas today restarted a portion of its Regina Compressor Station, as part of a phased-in approach designed to return the facility to full operational status. Detailed engineering assessments on the remainder of the facility are nearing completion, with the entire station scheduled to be back in operation by next week.

With this portion of the facility back in operation, and other gas supply arrangements made last week, TransGas will be able to ensure uninterrupted natural gas service to the City of Regina and surrounding area.

The TransGas Regina Compressor Station was taken out of service December 8, 2005, following an incident at the site involving the release, and subsequent ignition, of high-pressure natural gas. The facility's emergency shutdown system engaged immediately, as designed. There were no injuries to TransGas personnel on site.

Engineering assessments conducted by TransGas concluded the incident was caused by a crack near a weld in a 45° elbow pipe fitting. This fitting is on an 8-inch high-pressure pipeline which has been in operation for between 25 and 30 years. The fitting has since been replaced.

TransGas, the pipeline transmission subsidiary of SaskEnergy, is continuing to review its inspection and maintenance criteria for similar pipe fittings throughout its system, as part of its extensive and on-going pipeline integrity and maintenance program.

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