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April 26, 2006 - Strong Operational Performance Helps SaskEnergy Post  Solid Financial Results

May 1, 2006

New energy efficiency program to benefit SaskEnergy commercial customers

SaskEnergy, together with industry partners including the Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan (MCAS) and Commercial Network Members, is launching an incentive program to help commercial customers save up to 30% in their annual heating costs, by upgrading to a high efficiency boiler.

"This program is an investment into our commercial customers. It will ensure they remain a SaskEnergy customer for many years, and will help them benefit from the considerable savings that come from becoming more energy efficient by upgrading to a high efficiency boiler," says Jacquie Kerr, Director of Marketing and Sales, SaskEnergy. "A significant number of our residential customers are taking advantage of the energy-efficiency programs we offer, and now we're answering the call of our commercial customers who are just as interested in reducing their energy costs over the long-term."

This program is available until December 31, 2007 through SaskEnergy Commercial Network Members across the province, and is designed to assist medium and large commercial customers. Financial incentives are offered based on the incremental price of a natural gas near-condensing boiler or condensing boiler over the purchase price of a standard-efficiency boiler. These incentives are based upon space-heating, ventilating and domestic hot water load and the type of equipment installed.

Commercial customers that invest in this equipment utilizing the program will benefit from lower operating costs and will be able to pay off the investment in three to five years. As well, they'll benefit from higher performance, space efficiency and comfort, increased marketability and contribute to the environment through reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Standard boilers are available with a minimum efficiency of 78%. This program is designed to have customer invest in near-condensing boilers with a steady-state combustion efficiency of 85% or condensing boilers which offer efficiencies between 88% and 98%.

The list of eligible boilers that qualify under this program is developed by NRCan and is available on our website at saskenergy.com, or from any Commercial Network Member. A list of Commercial Network Members can also be found at saskenergy.com or by calling 1-800-567-8899.

For more information, contact:

Paula Belanger
Senior Communications Officer
Phone: (306) 777-9635
Cell: (306) 529-8037
Email: pbelanger@saskenergy.com