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TransGas technology helps SaskWater improve service and reduce costs

June 13, 2007

TransGas technology helps SaskWater improve service and reduce costs

State-of-the-art technology and a joint effort between TransGas and SaskWater are helping ensure the safety and reliability of more than 30 SaskWater facilities across Saskatchewan.

The SaskWater Control Centre, located at TransGas head office in Regina, will provide 24/7 remote monitoring and alarm systems, through a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) network provided by TransGas. SaskWater staff can remotely view, monitor and adjust the working parameters and operations at facilities owned or operated by the Crown water utility.

"This new control centre provides a number of benefits, including the ability to quickly respond to any operational issues that may arise," said Stuart Kramer, SaskWater President. "Use of SCADA technology will help SaskWater maintain safe, reliable, quality water services, while reducing consumer risk and lowering operating costs."

TransGas uses SCADA to remotely monitor or control the operation of more than 500 natural gas facilities, and can quickly respond to any operational issues that may affect its systems. SCADA can also process and validate daily measurement data at natural gas receipt and delivery points anywhere on the system, giving TransGas real-time information about its pipeline system's performance.

"Safe, reliable and cost-effective service is cornerstone to TransGas. SCADA technology has helped us deliver on this commitment over the past ten years," says Daryl Posehn, Senior Vice President of TransGas. "Considering the importance of this technology and our success in using it to monitor our facilities, we're happy to leverage SCADA with SaskWater and help the company enhance its service."

The new SaskWater Control Centre, located next to the TransGas Control Centre at SaskEnergy Place, is initially monitoring 33 water facilities province-wide. SaskWater operators, engineers and managers will use the data collected for decision-making, reporting, calibration, costing and pipeline design.

TransGas, created in 1988, transports, stores, compresses and gathers natural gas in Saskatchewan, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SaskEnergy. SaskWater was remandated a commercial Crown utility in 2002 and provides water and wastewater services to Saskatchewan communities and industry.

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