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Corporate Governance

Board of Directors
Board Committees
Terms of Reference
Position Descriptions
Executive Team
Crown Investments Corporation

Board of Directors

By law, SaskEnergy's Board of Directors is the Corporation. The scope of the Board's powers is set out in The SaskEnergy Act. All authority to manage the affairs and business of the Corporation rests with the Board, unless they choose to delegate this authority to Board Committees or Management. Find out more...

Board Committees

The board assigns its members to committees, and designates those committees to undertake detail work regarding the oversight of stewardship of the corporation.

Find out more...

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference set the scope, duties, responsibilities, and rules of operation of the Board and Committees.

Audit and Finance Committee
Environmental, Social and Governance Committee
Human Resources and Safety Committee

Position Descriptions

The board develops position descriptions to delineate the roles and responsibilities of directors, both individually and in leadership roles.

Chair of the Board
Audit and Finance Committee Chair
Environmental, Social and Governance Committee Chair
Human Resources and Safety Committee Chair
Individual Directors

Executive Team

Although the Board is responsible for the management of the affairs and business of the Corporation, Management has responsibility for the company's daily business and operations. Find out more...

Crown Investments Corporation

In the case of a Crown Corporation, the Corporation's Board of Directors provides general or overarching guidance and direction, while the Corporation's CEO has full management responsibility for all day-to-day operations. In Saskatchewan, there is an additional intermediary between a Crown Corporation such as SaskEnergy and the Legislative Assembly, known as the Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC).

CIC is the holding company for the designated commercial Crown Corporations and other CIC Crown Corporations, and exercises supervisory powers over these Crown Corporations. CIC has its own Minister, Board of Directors and CEO.


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