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Arts & Culture Organizations We Support

SaskEnergy proudly supports a number of festivals as the “Champion of Volunteers” each year. Volunteers play a vital role in making sure the festivals run smoothly and SaskEnergy’s sponsorships ensure volunteers are able to serve in comfort and style.

For instance, SaskEnergy has sponsored the annual Ness Creek Music Festival, which is held near Big River, since 2003. Each year, a volunteer appreciation BBQ takes place the day before the festivities begin as part of orientation. During the festival, the “Champion of Volunteers” sponsorship covers the cost of feeding 500 volunteers two meals a day.

The funding provided to support volunteers goes a long way when one considers the larger picture. Summer festivals create an economic boost for the small communities in which they take place. Not only do they contribute to the growth and prosperity of small economic sectors, but to the arts and music culture in our province as well.

Carlie Letts, Ness Creek Cultural & Recreational Society member, says that SaskEnergy’s sponsorship help to create a lasting legacy in many small communities.

“Our community is becoming known provincially, and nationally, because of this festival. Performers are contacting us about signing up and attendees are from across Western Canada. SaskEnergy thus becomes a larger part of the fabric and known as a provider of the Saskatchewan Fabric.”

SaskEnergy understands that events of this scale and success are only made possible by those who selflessly donate their time and energy to making it all come together, and we are proud to support those who make a difference in our province!

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