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"Energy to Learn"

Across the province, SaskEnergy is known for its community investment and dedication to grass-roots initiatives. However, people may not know that in addition to sponsoring over 1,000 community events annually, SaskEnergy makes it easier for students to earn their post-secondary education. Each year, for more than a decade, SaskEnergy has provided significant funds toward scholarships, and 2013 will mark just over $1.5Million of investment over that time!

Through the SaskEnergy Scholarship Investment Plan, the following institutions receive funds to ensure that financial aid is available for Saskatchewan students:

  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Regina
  • First Nations University Of Canada
  • Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
  • Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology
  • Gabriel Dumont Institute
  • Dumont Technical Institute
Annually, the program awards over 60 scholarships to worthy post-secondary recipients with more than 25% of all scholarships earmarked for Aboriginal students. Students interested in a SaskEnergy scholarship are encouraged to apply through their respective educational institution.

2012/2013 SaskEnergy Scholarship Recipients

Barbara Powder
Uranium City
SIAST, Electrician, 2013

"I've always had an interest in finding a career in the trades. After much thought and contemplation I finally decided on a career as an Electrician. My short term goal is to finish the program and become an apprentice, and my long term goal is to become a journeyman Electrician and hopefully start my own business in the future."
Jared Martens
Windsor, Ontario
SIAST, Engineering Design and Drafting Technology, 2013

"I am working toward a career exclusively dedicated to the development of sustainable communities. Starting a new career later in life has been a challenge, but with recognition from such a well-established corporation, I am encouraged to continue and succeed."
Brian Grosskleg
Prince Albert
University of Saskatchewan, Electrical Engineering, 2013

"I have a passion for learning and enjoy working with people. Currently enrolled in electrical engineering, I am also taking an additional degree in computer science."
Andrew Hongsun Jung
University of Regina, Business - Accounting, 2013

"I am actively involved with the Hill Business Students Society as an international representative."
Meghan Haukass
Moose Jaw
SIAST, Welding, 2013

"In the past 18 years, my respect for women in trades has grown so much that I have decided to become one myself. I plan to enter Saskatchewan's workforce as a welder's apprentice, and eventually continue my education in order to become a Journeyman and Welding Inspector"
Dylan Haynes
University of Saskatchewan, Commerce, 2013

"Thank you very much for choosing me for the SaskEnergy Award. I sincerely appreciate your investment into my future. My future plans are to become a Certified General Accountant and open my own practice in Saskatchewan. This award will help lower the financial burden of making my future plans a reality"
Daralyn Kuntz
SIAST, Electrician, 2013

"Thank you SaskEnergy for the honour of receiving this award. As a student this awards helps me overcome my financial burden and lets me focus more on my studies."
Spencer Chuhaniuk
University of Saskatchewan, Geological Engineering, 2013

"Growing up as a child I always took a strong interest in all things mechanical. Now I am working towards a degree in Geological Engineering from which I hope to have a successful career in."
Joshua Giddings
SIAST, Industrial Mechanics, 2013

"I plan to work around the city until I receive my journeyperson certificate and then return home to the farm and work for days to come."
Jeanelle Mandes
Beardy and Okemasis First Nation
University of Regina,Journalism with a certificate in Indian Communication, 2012

"I feel very honoured to be given this award today. It means a lot to my little girl and I. There were times I felt like quitting school, but when I look at my girl, she reminds me she is the reason I am striving to achieve my education. Thank you Scholarship Committee!"
Vincent Shoulak
SIAST, Computer Systems Technology, 2013

"My passion for computers has brought me to SIAST to pursue my dreams. I'm studying in Saskatoon while my wife and children stay in Regina. It's hard sometimes, but I think of the future of my family and that gives me the will to carry on."
Morgan Issac
SIAST, Welding, 2013

"I am currently enrolled in the pre-employment welding course offered at the Moose Jaw Palliser campus, where I hope to obtain the skills required to succeed the welding trade with prospects of being a valued employee on the work force."
Erica Parenteau
Prince Albert

University of Saskatchewan, Business, 2013
"I have completed my first year at the University of Saskatchewan and will be returning to full-time studies in the fall."
Cole Tenetuik
SIAST, Instrumentation Engineering Technology, 2013

"I am greatly honoured to be the recipient of the SaskEnergy Technology and Business Award! Receiving this award means a lot to me as a hardworking student and a young adult who is living on his own. With opportunities like this, it pushes me to work harder and become a better student and athlete."
Garret Miskolczi

SIAST, Power Engineering Technician, 2013
"I entered the power engineering course to hopefully provide a better future for myself."
Andrea Hoffman

University of Saskatchewan, Commerce, 2013
"I am very grateful for this scholarship because it will help me financially to make my dreams become a reality. I plan on continuing to work hard to meet the criteria for this scholarship and I feel very honoured to be the recipient. Thank you so much for acknowledging my community involvement and leadership achievements!"
Trang Tran

University of Regina, Bachelor of Arts - Journalism, 2013
"As a Vietnamese-Canadian, who immigrated to Canada at the age of one, Trang Tran has always struggled to find a balance between Canadian culture and Vietnam culture. After witnessing poverty in Vietnam, she was able to grasp how fortunate she is to be a Canadian and have the opportunity to be educated."
Spencer Lawson

SIAST, Civil Engineering Technology, 2013
"I grew up on a farm and have learned the importance of good and honest hard work. I currently reside in Regina and am working towards becoming a civil engineering technologist."
Catherine Davis
SIAST, Electrician, 2013

"Thanks to SaskEnergy, receiving this award enabled me to purchase tools and relocate to the city in which I was offered employment to being my career as an electrician. I hope to learn a lot from my co-workers and employers and continue to give back to my new community."
Brendon Demerais

University of Saskatchewan, Commerce - Marketing, 2013
"Brendon is a leader in his community and always looks towards helping those in need."
Dylan Folmer
Farm east of Prince Albert

SIAST, Industrial Mechanics, 2013
"I always work hard for things I want to accomplish and I also work hard to make other people happy. Getting chosen for this award really means a lot to me and it will help me out a great deal. Thank you so much for the scholarship and choosing me as the winner."
Taylor deGooijer

University of Saskatchewan, 2013
"By awarding scholarships such as the one I have received, SaskEnergy is making education more readily available to all members of society. It is very inspiring that companies such as SaskEnergy are helping to ensure that financial resources are in place to help those who wish to gain a higher education."
Yong Seok Kim
South Korea

SIAST, Civil Engineering Technology, 2013
"Winning this award is considerably meaningful to me. Since I'm an international student from South Korea with a student visa, I'm not allowed to work for the first six months - therefore I don't have any income, except for my parents' support. Also, winning this scholarship helps me to concentrate on my studies."
Amy Breti
University of Regina, Business- Marketing & Human Resources, 2013

"In 2010, I completed a Bachelor of Education degree and decided to pursue a career in Training and Development. I also believe that a marketing background will promote further awareness of training programs being offered."
Matthew Black

SIAST, Electrician, 2013
"Before I got accepted into school, I worked on construction for my community's company Tron Power and enjoyed it very much. But now, I am now enrolled in the electrician course and have found a great new way to follow my dreams of being a tradesman."
Samantha Dearing

University of Saskatchewan, Commerce, 2013
"Samantha is currently enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Samantha has also volunteered and been actively involved in her home community."
Cheri Cook
La Ronge

SIAST, Electrician, 2013
"I am a mother of a 7 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. Being a single mother and living away from home has made it that much harder, but I am more determined than ever to pursue my career."
Marissa Irving
Prince Albert

SIIT, Business, 2013
"I am currently a student at the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies in Prince Albert. I am in my second year of studies for the Business Administration Program."
Carter Astleford
University of Saskatchewan

"I would like to thank SaskEnergy for the generous contribution to this scholarship and to my education. To have this recognition from SaskEnergy instills in me the confidence to pursue the career of my dreams and to create a great opportunity for me to succeed in life."
Megan Lacelle

University of Regina, Pre-Journalism, 2013
"Thank you so much for your consideration for this award. It is very much appreciated."
Scott Bird
Montreal Lake Cree Nation

SIAST, CAD/CAM Engineering Technology, 2013
"I am working towards finding a workplace where I can be part of a design development team. In particular, a design team in new forms of energy or improving on existing designs, than can be implemented in isolated Northern areas. Thank you for the award."
Ammar Akram
SIAST, Machine Shop, 2013

"Thank you very much for this opportunity to be considered for the SaskEnergy Trade award. It means a lot to me. This award has allowed me to not only focus more on my studies, but is also encouraging me to achieve my goals and do my very best."
Derek Whitson
SIAST, Business - Accounting, 2013

"I am very grateful to SaskEnergy for this generous award. It has gone a long way in covering the expenses paid for my program at SIAST. I can't thank you enough for you generosity and support."
Scott Garrison
Prince Albert

University of Saskatchewan, Geological Engineering, 2013
"I have two siblings and am the first member of my family to attend university. I have just completed my second year of a four-year geological engineering degree at the University of Saskatchewan, and will be continuing in the fall."
Emily Ericson

University of Saskatchewan, 2013
"I am very thankful to receive such a prestigious award. This money will be very helpful in paying my tuition and cutting down my student loan. I cannot show my gratitude enough. This award will be very helpful to me and to my adjustment to university."
Jason Ramstad
North Battleford

University of Regina, Business - Human Resources, 2013
"I would like to extend my gratitude for being the fortunate recipient of the SaskEnergy Aboriginal Scholarship. It is greatly appreciated and will prove very beneficial for me in furthering my studies. Thank you very much!"
Ovidiu Palanciuc

SIAST, Machine Shop, 2013>
"I have lived in Regina, Saskatchewan for over twenty years and recently moved to Saskatoon. It will be cause for celebration when I get a job, no doubt!"
Shinoah Young
Opaskwayak Cree Nation in Northern Manitoba

University of Regina, Journalism, 2013
"Shinoah wants to attend graduate school for Journalism and become a reporter and eventually a producer for current affairs. She believes that Journalism is a way to celebrate different people's background and cultures, and tell their stories."
Danni Meyers

University of Saskatchewan, 2013
"I wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to have won the SaskEnergy Award for Aboriginal Students. It will help significantly in funding my education."
Melanie Dallison
SIAST, Computer Systems Technology, 2013

"I am extremely grateful for the support of SaskEnergy, especially since this award allows me to focus more completely on my studies. I also admire SaskEnergy's dedication to supporting women in trades and technology."
Helen Sheepwash
Moose Jaw

SIAST, Instrumental Engineering Technology, 2013
"I grew up in Moose Jaw with four sisters and one brother. I am 22 and married. A huge Star Trek fan and love yoga and coffee!"
Jeff Martinuk
SIAST, Welding, 2013

"Jeffrey is currently a student at SIAST Wascana Campus, taking the Pre-Employment Welding program. When finished, he hopes to gain a multitude of welding experiences in custom welding shops, with the goal of attaining journey person status. Jeffrey also hopes to pursue custom furniture creation as a hobby."
Erik Nevland
Birch Hills

University of Saskatchewan, Civil Engineering, 2013
"I am an honours Civil Engineering student at the University of Saskatchewan. I am a black belt in Karate, an avid rock, mineral, and fossil collector, and have future plans to be a transportation engineering project manager."
Kassandra Restau
SIAST, Business - Human Resources, 2013

"Thank you for your generous award. Your support will help me to reach my goal of graduating with a degree in Human Resources. I chose to take my education with SIAST because of the co-op program in which I hope to gain valuable experience. Afterwards, I plan to live and work in Saskatchewan."
Jayson Fraser
SIAST, 2013

"I would like to thank SaskEnergy. With their support, I am able to concentrate on pursuing my academic goals. Their aid has allowed me to focus on my grades, rather than having to worry about financials."
Christine Moersch

SIAST, Computer Networking Technician, 2013
"Born and raised in Regina, Christine is currently enrolled in Computer Networking Technician at SIAST Wascana Campus. Some family members work in Information Technology and she has always found networking to be enticing."
Sharon Camber
SIAST, Power Engineering Technician, 2013

"I am the first of my family to attend post-secondary education to pursue a career of my choice. I was born and raised on the farm and was always taught about hard work and dedication in everything that I try. I am determined to continue that mind set and would like to thank you for your involvement with my education so far."
Sahar Khelifa
University of Regina

Environmental Studies and Regional and Urban Planning, 2013
"Sahar is a nineteen-year-old Algerian-Canadian in her second year of studies at the University of Regina. She is currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies and Regional and Urban Planning. Later, she hopes to pursue a career in architecture. Wherever life takes her, Sahar hopes to be a positive drop in the ocean of humanity."
Wanda Barthel
SIAST, Business - Accounting, 2013

"I am an accounting student with dreams of obtaining my professional designation. This is a goal that will take many years of my life, but I am determined to achieve it. I believe that my hardworking nature and passion will drive me to succeed in anything I set my mind to."

2011/2012 SaskEnergy Scholarship Recipients

Chelsey White
University of Regina, Bachelor of Arts, 2012

"I would just like to say thank you for this award. It has helped a lot and was very appreciated."
Jonathan Fleischhacker
University of Saskatchewan, Engineering, 2012

"I am excited to be given the opportunity to attend the University of Saskatchewan. Your thoughtfulness and generosity has given me the opportunity to not only attend, but put more focus on my studies. Once again I would like to thank you for the honour of receiving a SaskEnergy award."
Jenna Harty
SIAST, Business Accounting, 2012

"This award may go a long way in helping pay my student loan. I really appreciate it! Thank you."
Matthew Rudderham
Prince Albert
University of Regina, Bachelor of Arts, 2012

"By awarding me the SaskEnergy Scholarship, you have significantly lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus on my studies. I would like to use this opportunity given to me to become a role model for Aboriginal students; to show that if you work hard you can achieve your dreams."
Thomas Ingold
University of Saskatchewan, Engineering, 2012

"I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to your generous donation. The funds received from this award have been used towards the cost of tuition and living expenses, allowing me to be successful in my academic ventures. I believe the study of mechanical engineering is a relevant and important discipline which will allow me to make a contribution to the field and broader community."
Erin Hurton
Gabriel Dumont Institute, Office Education, 2012

"This scholarship would help me with my studies and I won't have to focus on my finances as much."
Lisa Campbell
Swift Current
University of Regina, Business Administration, 2012

"I would like to express my gratitude to you for having bestowed the SaskEnergy scholarship to me. Your support of young people seeking to continue their education is appreciated not only by myself, but those who will benefit in the future. Thank you once again for helping me take the steps financially towards my future goals".
Devin Davidson
SIAST, Computer Systems Technology, 2012

"I am very proud and honoured that I was given such a generous award to help cover some of my first year tuition and textbooks. I believe it would be very difficult to have a part time job and focus on my studies."
Andre Gerard
SIAST, Instrumental Engineering Technology, 2012

"This award is very important to me, as I was just considering getting a part time job or student loan. These could have negatively affected my overall SIAST experience and education. I am very thankful for the opportunity."
Kyle Kezar
Prince Albert
SIAST, Power Engineering Technology, 2012

"I would like to express how thankful myself and my family are to receive this award from such a respected company as SaskEnergy. Being provided financial assistance to continue my education enables me to focus on my studies so one day I can be a contributing member to Saskatchewan's work force."
Demi Weins
University of Regina,
Environmental Systems Engineering, 2012

"Receiving this scholarship motivates me to maintain my GPA and complete my degree. Thank you again for your generous contribution to my education, as it helps me get closer to changing our world for the better."
Andrew Schmidt
University of Saskatchewan, Business, 2012

"This award certainly was timely for me, as I would not have the means to pay for my university education on my own. This award helps ease the transition from my life on the farm to university life in the city."
Greg Paetsch
SIAST, Power Engineering Technology, 2012

"The winning of this award is a blessing because it takes a big relief of stress when it comes to funding and living in the city. I am truly appreciative of all the donors of scholarships because it means a lot to all the receiving students."
Megan Gerline
University of Saskatchewan, Arts and Science, 2012

"I would like to express my appreciation to your committee for selecting me for this award. This will help cover my tuition and allow me to pursue a degree at the University of Saskatchewan."
Layton Senger
SIAST, Industrial Mechanics, 2012

"I would like to thank SaskEnergy for choosing me for the SaskEnergy Trades Award. The money will go towards living expenses as I'm going through school."
Derek McCrae
SIAST, Business Information Systems, 2012

"It is an honour to be recognized for my efforts to succeed in my post secondary education. I am dedicated to excel in my studies and this award will help me see my diploma through to fruition."
Brett Svoboda
Meadow Lake
SIAST, Power Engineering Technology, 2012

"This scholarship means a lot to me and will help me out with school. It feels really awesome to win a scholarship at this level."
Jesse Whitlaw
SIAST, Mechanical Engineering Technology, 2012

"Winning this bursary will ease my financial concerns and allow me to focus on achieving higher grade point averages during school."
Erin Ferrier
University of Saskatchewan, Business, 2012

"It means an immense amount to be chosen for the award and I am forever grateful. Thank you again for the generous contribution to my future."
Jordan Deck
White City
SIAST, Machine Shop, 2012

"I am very honoured to have received the SaskEnergy Trades Award. This will not only help me out financially, but have given me the confidence to push harder to become a Certified Machinist."
Nicole Hanna
Meadow Lake
SIAST, Welding, 2012

"I have chosen a field that is non-traditional to women. It is definitely a very challenging career. Receiving this scholarship acknowledges all of the hard work that I have dedicated my time and effort into. I am very grateful for the scholarship to assist me in my future endeavours."
Tyler Howatt
SIAST, Electrician, 2012

"Thank you to SaskEnergy for the honour of receiving this award. I have worked hard but the recognition of being chosen for this award makes me even more determined to develop my skills towards a rewarding career as an electrician."
Ian Killick
SIAST, Power Engineering Technology, 2012

"Receiving this award is very gratifying for me. I feel proud of my hard work and accomplishments through the power engineering technology course."
Mark Richardson
SIAST, Power Engineering Technology, 2012

"As a student, this award helps me overcome many financial burdens and brings me one step closer to achieving my academic goals."
Domonique Schapansky
Moose Jaw
SIAST, Engineering Design and Drafting Technology, 2012

"This award has helped to ensure that I will have time to focus on my academics."

2010/2011 SaskEnergy Scholarship Recipients

Brett Myhr
University of Saskatchewan, 2011

"Thanks to SaskEnergy, I will be able to focus more on my studies instead of focusing on paying for my studies. I am especially grateful that the award will help to attain my goal of becoming a mechanical engineer … perhaps I may be fortunate enough to work for your reputable company, which considers community and leadership as important as I do."
Renae Lehouillier
SIAST, 2011

"Receiving this award encourages me to keep my grades high, because it shows me that hard work pays off. Your assistance is greatly appreciated."
Tiffany Polley
University of Saskatchewan, 2011

"My plans are to go into either Geology (Mineralogy) or the Environmental Earth Sciences program, and I hope to make an impact on the way people use our natural resources. I have always had a keen interest in our environment and am looking forward to becoming a voice for the utilization of our mineral deposits and fossil fuels."
Kamilio Lodongi
SIAST, 2011

"I want to send a special thank you to the whole SaskEnergy team and everyone else who are a part of this meaningful award to me. This award means so much to me and my family…this award is going to help me with my welding supplies in the long run."
Hillary Lerat
University of Regina, 2011

"A Business Admin student and U of R Women's Hockey Team member; this scholarship enables me to focus more on academics and hockey, and worry less about how to pay for it."

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