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Commercial Boiler Rebate

SaskEnergy’s Commercial Energy Efficiency Program offers the Commercial Boiler Rebate, available exclusively through SaskEnergy Commercial Network Members located across Saskatchewan.

The rebate helps offset the incremental price of a high efficiency natural gas condensing boiler over the purchase price of a standard-efficiency. Rebates are based upon the installed MBH input of the qualifying
boiler(s) installed. To qualify for the program, a boiler plant must have an input rating of 400 MBH or higher.

Contact a SaskEnergy Commercial Network Member to determine if you are eligible for the Commercial Boiler Rebate.

This program is funded by SaskEnergy and is available from            December 1, 2019 until November 30, 2021.

Note: This program does not apply to buildings that are directly or indirectly, owned or operated by or receive their primary funding from the, Province of Saskatchewan or the Government of Canada (e.g. hospitals, schools, government departments and ministries, Crown Corporations, RCMP, RCAF, Service Canada, etc.).

Eligible Equipment & Rebates

Eligible Equipment Type Equipment Requirements Rebate Details
Boilers >400 MBH
$10 / MBH for first 600 MBH
$3 / MBH above 600 MBH
90% Thermal Efficiency <2,500 MBH
90% Thermal Efficiency >2,500 MBH
Boilers >400 MBH
$10 / MBH for first 600 MBH
$3 / MBH above 600 MBH
95% Thermal Efficiency <2,500 MBH
95% Thermal Efficiency >2,500 MBH

Terms and Conditions

Eligible Boiler List

Common Questions & Answers

Need more information?

Contact a SaskEnergy Commercial Network Member in your area today.


SaskEnergy Network Members offer leasing services for the purchase and installation of commercial heating & cooling equipment. The increase in efficiency can provide enough savings to offset a good portion of the lease payments, making this an attractive option for many businesses. As well, leasing allows you to use your capital budget for other improvements.




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